What makes AgroTrade International so successful? It is the group of dedicated high-caliber professionals at every level of the organization. We make things happen ‒ targets met and missions completed ‒ putting one’s best individual contribution into our team’s joint and focused efforts.


As we grow, we need the best talent onboard. Not everyone can make it, though: we need energy, focus, dedication at almost any cost and results at almost no time. To grow with the Company, you need to learn how to greet the customer, face the challenge, apply modern management practices, support your colleague and think big. If you feel you can make it, then give it a try: you will gain many assets!


We offer


  • professional training and advanced learning opportunities,
  • management career path,
  • a team of dedicated, committed and responsible professionals,
  • compensation in line with professional growth and achievement,
  • and flexible work schedule.

Please complete the Questionnaire and send it to our Talent Equity Division. If we find your skills and talent appealing, our managers will contact you to arrange a meeting for in-depth research. Otherwise, your answers to the Questionnaire will be stored in the Company’s Data Base and will be treated as strictly confidential.