Agro-Trade International BV has launched AgroTrade America, Inc. operating the “Okey-Dokey Grocery Markets” in the United States. The “Okey-Dokey Grocery Markets” will provide a fresh grocery experience offering quality food and beverages at competitive prices.
“Okey-Dokey” is managed by a group of senior project managers who played a major role in launching two successful National grocery distribution chains in Eastern Europe: discount stores “Pyaterochka” and the “Karusel” big boxes. The project executives founded “Pyaterochka” in 1998; in 2005 the chain went public at the London Stock Exchange. In 2006, “Pyaterochka” was sold to Alfa Group. The “Karusel” Hypermarket was launched in 2005 with its first big box outlet in St. Petersburg, Russia. In June 2008, the “Karusel” Hypermarket chain was acquired by to X5 Retail Group N.V.
Today these chains make up the core of X5 Retail Group, the largest retailer in Russia in terms of sales volume, and are not affiliated to AgroTrade International BV.