The AgroTrade International BV is a company with the “Value Added to Life” proposition. Every penny saved with efficiencies in the supply chain management is generously shared with the consumer. Our retail concepts bring more value for each dollar spent: more purchases, greater assortment, faster service and closer to home. Our customers treasure this value and take it to their personal lives and those of  their families.

The efficiencies are gained with advanced and effective management technologies. Thousands of Associates working for our retail chains get access to and professional training in application of modern management practices. We add value to the lives of our colleagues through greater challenge, more knowledge, faster growth, and better pay.

Our suppliers and counterparts get their handsome benefits too. Large volumes of merchandise moved through our Distribution Centers and stores contribute to dynamic growth of grocery producers and manufacturers, trucking companies, general contractors and real estate brokers. The value and wealth continue to be spread.