Leads the Company’s senior management team in design and establishment of a highly efficient supply chain. Ensures uninterrupted flow of merchandise to the Company’s retail stores through the distribution center at lowest logistical costs reaching the target of 1% of total sales within the first three operating years. Hires, trains and supports designated staff in fulfilling their functional responsibilities. Ensures fast and quality cargo processing at the distribution center. Ensures efficient warehousing (i.e. minimum processing costs and zero shrinkage). Takes full control and holds responsibility for the warehouse inventory. Ensures timely and complete deliveries of merchandise to stores. Enforces job safety and fire security procedures at the distribution center and on trucks. Commands and supervises warehouse accounting. Ensures timely maintenance of warehouse equipment and trucks to maintain 100% operating availability and top-level performance. Takes part in the distribution center selection and setup. Arranges for distribution centers and shipment fleet expansion matching the retail chain’s growth.




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